Making new friends,

Relaxing with my family, 
Sleeping on a lazy river, 
Vacations, how I love them.

Eating fruits every day,
Waking up to chirping birds, 
The ocean a small walk away,
Resorts, the most peaceful places on earth!

Dinnertime with my family,
Snacking on fruits on the balcony,
Toasting one another, 
Thanksgiving, a day to appreciate.

Water polo against my brother,
Bingo against my friends,
Just chilling even if Im never winning,
But having the time of my life.

Joining other residents after dinner,
Acrobatics and unbelievable feats, 
Cultural dances and music,
Appreciating the performances.

Five star luxury conditions,
Thanksgiving break, a rest from school,
A time of appreciation and love,
The Grand Mayan at Acapulco.