As orange as the hot bright sun,
Golden emblazoned letters,
Bouncing up and down,
A spherical shaped ball.

Zooming down the court,
Flying from right to left,
Travelling from man to man,
Swishing through the hoop.

Full of air and zest,
Zipping down the hardwood,
Bouncing between his legs
Soaring across the court.

For 48 minutes
Getting smashed repeatedly,
Squashing against the ground
hurling through the air.

Twenty nine and a half inches,
The circumference of this orb,
Rough and made of leather
Feels like crocodile skin.

Branded with Wilson,
Getting pumped with oxygen,
The bouncy orb loved by athletes,
A basketball.

Dribbling the orange orb,
This globe becomes my world,
Forgetting all my worries,
Focusing only on the court.
Almost like a stress ball,
But not as squishy,
Makes me feel free,
Where I can breathe. 

The energetic basketball,
Gives me life and energy,
A place where I am relaxed and focused,
A haven from the world.