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Welcome! I’m Shivek Narang, a teenager from the Bay Area.


My passion is in the intersection of cognitive science, medical anthropology, neuroscience, and genetics, with a specific focus on laboratory research. I love learning about the human brain and all of its intricacies, and I’m especially drawn to investigating the specific changes in adolescent brain development.


As the founder of Our Teen Brains, a non-profit for supporting and demystifying adolescent brain development and mental health in teens, as well as NutritionNow, a non-profit I start to break cycles of malnutrition and food insecurity, I hope to impact positive change in my community.


In my free time, I like to write, play the violin, read magazines, play basketball, and listen to podcasts.

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Paid Intern, Stanford School of Medicine - Cherry Labs

Paid Internship, working on a genome annotation software, known as Segway, for the ENCODE consortium (which aims to map out our entire genome, epigenome, transcriptome). Segway identifies recurring combinatorial patterns in multiple genome-wide signal datasets such as ChIP-seq or DNase-seq data. Using the conservation-associated activity score, annotations are combined into a single, cell type-agnostic encyclopedia that catalogs all human transcriptional and regulatory elements.

Garcia Scholar, Stony Brook University

Selected as one of 90 Research Scholars from a pool of thousands of international applicants. Research Project Titled ‘Regulating Substrate Mechanics to Achieve Neurogenic Differentiation of Dental Pulp Stem Cells Using Polybutadiene and Graphene/Graphene Oxide Thin

Research selected for presentation at Materials Research Society (MRS) in the 2020 meeting.

Presentation at 2020 MRS Meeting | Symposium F.SM08: Regenerative Engineering and Synthetic Biology

F.SM08.06.04: The Influence of Conductivity and Mechanical Properties on the Neurogenic Differentiation of Dental Pulp Stem Cells

Rockefeller Summer Science Research Program Scholar (SSRP), Rockefeller University

Chosen to participate in a selective summer research program (5-7% acceptance rate) at Rockefeller University. Worked on a modeling project to depict the role of Amyloid beta in Alzheimer’s and its correlation in other neurogenerative diseases while proposing an experiment that can elucidate the differences and similarities between Amyloid beta formation in Alzheimer’s. 

Presented at Research Colloquium at Science Research Mentoring Program (SRMP), American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), New York

Student Intern, Stanford Genomics Research Internship Program (GRIPS) 2019

Selected as one of 28 Research Scholars from a pool of 400 bay area applicants. The Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) Consortium is an international collaboration of research groups funded by the National Human Genome Research Institute. The goal of ENCODE is to build a comprehensive list of functional elements in the human genome, including elements that act at the protein and RNA levels, and regulatory elements that control cells and circumstances in which a gene is active.

Participated in the ENCODE imputation Challenge. The goal of the ENCODE Imputation Challenge 2019 was to empirically compare methods for imputing data produced by various types of genomics assays. My responsibilities included converting the Reference Genome Fasta file into a 4*N matrix in one hot encoded format. I also edited the Avocado model to take in input of matrix data and concatenate it with other input layers of the model and determined that adding a reference genome improved its accuracy of our model. Besides this I also Used WDL and CircleCI to write tests for tasks on the DNase Seq Pipeline, Mirna-seq pipeline, and Accession code using python.

Student Intern, Rosetta Institute of Biomedical Research

Internship in Molecular Neurosciences 

Student Intern, Aspiring Scholars Directed Research Program (ASDRP)

Research Project Titled "Agent-based modeling of Cancer Metastasis & Tumor Evolution”

Student Intern, Stanford Neuroimaging Department, Zaharchuk Labs

Worked on a Machine learning algorithm to predict recovery of patients with acute ischemic stroke by creating a personalized scale to determine how the patients responded to treatment & an algorithm to identify metastatic brain tumors in an MRI scan.

Student Intern, Stanford Neuroimaging Department, Wintermark Labs

160 hours of Shadowing Neuroradiologists in Stanford Neuroimaging rooms (outpatient, inpatient and pediatric imaging rooms) and learned to identify neurological disorders.

Studied the effect of Magnetic Resonance Guided Focused Ultrasound on opening the blood-brain barrier to inject epilepsy treating drugs in rats.

Manuscript submitted for publication in Experiment Neurology journal.



2 published papers and 2 approved for Publication, including in top-tier industry journals

Manuscript submitted for Publication, Experimental Neurology

Co-author in a research paper in Stanford School of Medicine (Department of Radiology), paper titled “Non-invasive, neurotoxic surgery reduces seizures in a rat model of temporal lobe epilepsy.” Awaiting Publication in Neuroscience research journal - Experimental Neurology

Research Paper accepted for Publication, The National High School Journal of Science

Author of a research paper “Correlating the changes in the stability of a protein secondary structure, and in the protein functionality, to the changes in the polypeptide sequence due to a missense mutation” Journal: The National High School Journal of Science (2020) (Awaiting Publication)

Publication, Aspiring Scholars Directed Research Program (ASDRP) Research Journal

Author of a research paper “Agent-based modeling of Cancer Metastasis & Tumor Evolution” in ASDRP Research Journal

Publication, JOURNYS Issue 11.1

Author of an op-ed “Your iPhone And Your Teenage Brain: Are They Really Related?” - Journeys of Youth & Science (JOURNYS ISSUE 11.1) (2020)

Independent Research Projects

Aug 2019 to Ongoing

Research Project Titled ‘Computational Characterization of Functional Aspects of the Human Genome, Creation of a fully annotated map of the regulome to enable epigenetic comparisons’


  • Second Place in Math and Computer Science Category, Alameda County Science & Engineering Fair (ACSEF)

  • BioGENEius Finalist 2020 

Aug 2018 to May 2019

Research Project Titled, 'Predicting the Effect of Novel Missense Mutations in Neurological Disorders on Protein Structure and Function, in silico'


  • BioGENEius Finalist 2019 and Honorable Mention 2019

  • Junior Science & Humanities symposium National Alternate 2020, Northern California Project ranked 6th

Aug 2017 to May 2018

A machine learning algorithm to enable physicians to quickly diagnose major depressive disorder (MDD) and to identify between different types of depression.

Aug 2016 to May 2017

Research Project titled 'Done with a Blink of the Eye: Using Brain Waves to Aid a Paralyzed Patient Communicate'

Device to capture the Brainwaves of the visual cortex as well as eye potential of a paralyzed person, process them, and send multiple emails. 

Aug 2015 to Aug 2016

Research Project titled 'Study of Osmolarity and Fluid Homeostasis Using Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Implications for Regulation of Hypertension'


  • Santa Clara Valley Science & Engineering Fair (SCVSEFA): First Place in Molecular Biology

  • Cash and Certificate award from American Chemical Society

  • Nominated to Broadcom Masters and invite to present at California State Science Fair

  • American Chemical Society Award


Community & Leadership

I host engaging presentations and educational sessions to spread knowledge and awareness of the brain targeted especially towards teenagers and their caregivers in various schools and youth forums.

Spent more than 1,000 hours volunteering over the past four years, presenting to over 4000 kids and adults including parents and counselors to help adolescents deal with anxiety, peer pressure and stress and substance abuse.

Featured in Feb 2020 tri-city voice, Voyage LA, World Science Scholar Newsletter

NutritionNow - Founder & President

Bay Area Society of Neurosciences Youth (SfN) - President

Started as a Student Rep, representing my school, promoted to various roles and currently selected as the President to lead the organization 

President of a 70+ member team, with members across 30+ bay area schools.

Responsible for setting up the team's vision and strategy for the year, providing mentorship for junior members, and overseeing daily execution.

School magazine ‘The Pixel Journal’ - Stories Editor

The Pixel Journal is the official student magazine of Stanford Online High School. The Journal, which publishes issues on a monthly basis, aims to capture our student culture as it shapes our school experience and our involvement in the world around us.

Founder & President of the Neuroscience Club. School award ‘Distinguished Club Award’

The Stanford OHS Neuroscience Club is a group of students that share the common interest of learning about the brain. We learn about cognition, senses, movement and exercise, sleep, and even how we learn in the first place! We also discuss how complications can arise in our brains and the neurological effects of foreign substances, such as psychoactive drugs, on us and our behavior.

Pixel Leadership and Activities Club - Founder & President 

Our aim is to help students learn leadership skills and create activism projects of their own and thus help students become future Leaders. Everybody has something they feel passionate about. Often, people want to help spread awareness about or do something to help that topic. But one question people, myself included, keep stumbling upon is: How? How can I truly make a difference? How do I start? By breaking down the process of activism into smaller steps and guiding students through those steps, we can help many students accomplish their goals and truly make a difference.

Adolescent Development Workshops, Wellness Sessions - Student Leader

Share my ongoing research and presentation on the developing adolescent brains along with School Counselors as part of our school’s wellness sessions. My organization was added to American School Counselor Association - ASCA Toolkit: Virtual High School Counseling Resources

I have been sharing my research on the developing adolescent brains with the school community as part of our school’s wellness sessions.
1) Testimonials from school counselor and teachers stating that my workshops add a wonderful element of the neuroscience from a      student perspective and bringing enthusiasm and insight. Direct feedback from the students that the understanding the developing teen brains has  been a rewarding experience and is helpful as the navigate the stress and pressures of high school life.
2) Invited as a student speaker at schools.
3) Invited to collaborate with an undergrad student in an University on a similar project

4) Collaborating with psychologist to collaborate with their  projects for younger kids
5) Preparing a curriculum to use in local high schools - reaching out to local government  officials and my city mayor to include as part of mental health curriculum.

We prepare students for Brain Bee competitions. is a non-profit organization and I am a coach for Senior level Brain Bee coaching classes.

Brain Bee Coach at NorthSouth Foundation - Student Teacher

Brain Bonanza - Student Teacher

Lead a session for middle school and high students for Brain Dissection, neurological case studies and Science Jeopardy

Emergency Room Procedures - Student Teacher

Designed the Emergency Room Procedures curriculum to teach high schools students. Defined interactive hands-on activities including Emergency Room procedures such as CPR, Intubation, Suturing, and Phlebotomy. Trained 40 students to receive CPR Certifications.

AP Biology - Tutor


Advanced Biological Research  - Teacher Assistant

Medical Club - Student Teacher

Prepared weekly sessions in the library and shared resources for the underprivileged high school students on biology related carriers and medicine as a career

School Science Olympiad Team - Vice President

Participated in Science Olympiad for 7 years. 14 Science Olympiad Medals - California State and Regional Winner.

NJHS - Vice President

School Ambassador

Senior Center - Volunteering for Seniors

Our Teen Brains - Founder & President 

We educate about the terrible effects and dangers of malnutrition and how it changes the lives of the many people it effects, while taking steps to be the change and share meals with the underprivileged individuals

Weekly volunteering with local food banks, packaging and delivering food to underserved in my community

Awards & Press


In the Media

Davidson Ambassador 2020: Sponsored by Davidson Academy for selected 12 students in the nation for their community service projects

World Science Scholar 2020: Selected as 1 of 30 students worldwide for this recognition & Also featured in a newsletter

American School Counselor Association- ASCA Toolkit: Share my ongoing research and presentation on the developing adolescent brains along with School Counselors as part of our school’s wellness sessions. My organization was added to American School Counselor Association- ASCA Toolkit: Virtual High School Counseling Resources.

VoyageLA: Our Teen Brains Non-profit was featured in Inspiring South Bay Stories in VoyageLA 

Tri-City News: Interviewed and featured as a World Science Scholar in the publication Tri-City News, at (FEB 11, 2020 Edition)


  • Modeling the Future Challenge Semifinalist.

  • Coca Cola Scholar Semifinalist 2021 (1609 semifinalists selected from over 99,000 candidates)

  • National Merit Scholar Semifinalist (PSAT 1520/1520)

  • Presidential Service Award – Gold 

  • Junior Science & Humanities symposium National Alternate 2020, Northern California Project ranked 6th

  • National Latin Examination (2015-2020): Gold Medal, Silver Medal and Summa Cum Laude

  • National AP Scholar 10th grade, AP Scholar with Distinction 9th grade

  • MathWorks Math Modeling (M3) Competition: Top 19% of worldwide submissions in 2020 M3 Challenge 

  • World Science Scholar 2020 Selected as 1 of 30 students worldwide for this recognition

  • Davidson Ambassador 2020 (1 of 12 students selected)

  • Reischauer Scholar

  • Semifinalist in International Global Impact Challenge, The Youth Assembly, United Nations

  • California State Winner Quiz on Meditation & Indian Mythology

  • Science Olympiad Medal California State & Regional Winner: 14 medals in Regional and State 

  • CONRAD Challenge Innovators 2020

  • Alameda County Science & Engineering Fair (ACSEF): Second Place in Math and Computer Science Category (2020) 

  • BioGENEius Finalist 2020 

  • BioGENEius Finalist 2019 and Honorable Mention 2019

  • 3rd place in North California State Brain Bee 2020

  • Santa Clara Valley Science & Engineering Fair (SCVSEFA): First Place in Molecular Biology

  • Cash and Certificate award from American Chemical Society

  • Student of the year Awards

  • Distinguished Club Award

  • Julian C. Stanley Study of Exceptional Talent (SET)

  • Davidson Young Scholar

  • MENSA Member

Talks and Podcasts

  • Selected for Research Presentation at Material Research Society, Fall Meeting 2020. Fall Meeting Exhibit details here

  • Presentation at the Research Colloquium of the Science Research Mentoring Program (SRMP) organized by American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), New York

  • Presented research at Amgen Headquarters in San Francisco

  • Presentation at various youth forums on Adolescent mental health topics (Growth Mindset, Managing Peer Pressure and Stress, Importance of Friendships, social media)

  • Research Presentation at School Research Science Colloquium

  • Featured in a podcast “Teen Brains, Mental Health and Black Lives Matter”




Stanford Online High School (2019-2021) : Grades 9-12

Democracy Freedom Rule of Law, Multivariate Differential Calculus, Multivariate Integral Calculus, Logic, Number Theory, Advanced Topics Biological Research, Study of the Mind: Psychology Neuroscience & Philosophy, Critical Reading & Argumentation, Creative Writing: Digital Age


Harvard University (Summer 2019)

Foundations of Neuroscience


BASIS Independent High School (2014-2019) : Grades 6-10

Calculus, Linear Algebra


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